Full House Bingo Winner Lands Luxury Holiday Home For Life

What would you have on your shopping list if you were to land a large bingo prize? Many players say a new car, give some to the kids or grandchildren, re-decorate the house or a specific room, but most people when they win, say they are going to use their winnings for a holiday. This particular winner chose a holiday for life, and we believe that an investment like this could really go a long way to improving the quality of anyone’s life.

One player from Gala Bingo has recently done just that, and has purchased a luxury holiday home at the sea worth a rather neat £50,000. Maureen Sweeney, is a mother of three, a receptionist in a Glasgow hospital, and has been playing this great game for as long as she can remember.

If ever anyone tells you that you can’t win anything big playing bingo, don’t ever listen to them. Even online bingo sites offer massive prizes regularly. Once The Sun Bingo gave away 100 brand new cars in one-hundred days, and repeated this promotion to give away 30 card in thirty days just a year later. Costa Bingo gives away a £100 000 cash prize to one player every year to celebrate their birthday, and Wink Bingo gives away a new car every New Year. There is more of course, but we can’t go into every prize in such a small space.

This year to celebrate summer, Gala Bingo decided to give away a fully-furnished luxury static caravan at a Park Resort of the winners’ choice. Maureen is now thanking her lucky stars that she is a fan of this game…as is her family. She now holds the key to the door of a holiday for a lifetime. Park Resorts have thirty-nine resorts – all of them in scenic coastal settings throughout the length and breadth of the UK.

As usual – it is mostly the case with winners – she said “I really can’t believe my luck – this is a dream come true”. So, the next time someone tells you, you can’t win when you play bingo, you can tell them this story too. Better yet, why not get online and start playing to win right away. This promotion is only one of a whole slew of summer promotions being offered throughout both the online and land bingo industry in the UK

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